Looking for texture makers

To speed up the development of our minecraft mods, The Minetronic Team is looking for one or more designers to help us with the graphics
If you are interested to help me, please send an e-mail to contact@minetronic.com and provide an answer to the questions below.
Of course you will get credits for your help and get eternal fame ;-)

Email: contact@minetronic.com

1. Do you have experience with designing textures? If so, what kind of textures?

2. Have you already designed graphics for Minecraft mods?

3. How many items/blocks/GUIs can you design per day/week?

4. Can you make items/blocks/GUIs on short notice?

5. What do you prefer to design (Blocks, GUI, Items, ...)?

The Minetronic Team
Kander18 Lead Developer
Silverwall Programmer (Soon!)
DeCrom Creative Designer
Reghon28 Graphic Designer
Poincare Technical Assistance
With thanks to for hosting and supporting our project.
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