Welcome at The Minetronic Network!

The Minetronic Network is a network of minecraft server gamemodes, created by The Minetronic Team.
You can play on 1 gamemode at this time (Survival). The Survival is unique and very enjoyable.
There will be much more servers coming up (more than 5!). Introducing: War of Empires, Factions and Creative.
We do not accept cracked players. (This reduces the chance of getting hackers)
We try to enjoy our players with adding new original content & plugins created by our team that no other server has.
This is why we make some plugins of our own. Like The Minetronic Economy System.
Do you want to take a look at our servers? Add this server address to your list: mc.minetronic.com.
Enjoy! New Ideas are always welcome!

Thanks for reading.

24/7 Online
No Lag!
SSD Minecraft Servers
Original Content
Custom plugins
Regular Updates
No Whitelist!

Creative (Coming Up!)
War of Empires (Coming Up!)
Factions (Coming Up!)
Minigames (Coming Up!)
Skywars (Coming Up!)
And much more!

Server IP

The Minetronic Team
Kander18 Lead Developer
Silverwall Programmer (Soon!)
DeCrom Creative Designer
Reghon28 Graphic Designer
Poincare Technical Assistance
With thanks to for hosting and supporting our project.
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