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Me and my team decided to make this mod because we didn't really liked all the food mods.
The most of them were also outdated. So we created a new mod, called the Master Chef mod (First known as the morefood mod).
Since it was a succes, we kept on updating this mod.

To introduce this mod, we've posted some of the information about this mod here:

The Master Chef mod adds:

- 261 items
- 23 blocks: including 6 furnaces, 1 milk barrel, 1 butter churn and 10 pizzas
- 11 new crops
- 3 new trees.


To begin with culturing most of the fruit/vegetables, you need to break the world-generated bushes.
This will give you the fruit/vegetable Or the seeds of the fruit/vegetable (Depends which bush you break).
Now you can use the seeds to plant it on farmland and grow your crop.
(If you have the fruit/vegetable, you just put it in the crafting table to turn it into seeds)

Some crops don't need any seeds to be planted.

A list of some crops/bushes/seeds and how to get them:

Strawberry bushes can be found in all forest & taiga biomes.
Blueberry bushes can be found in taiga biomes. (Cold forests)
Tomato bushes can be found in extreme hills biomes. (Extreme hills plus)
Bell Pepper bushes can also be found in extreme hills biomes.
Onion bushes can be found in birch forests.
Asparagus bushes can be found in roofed forests (dark forest).
The Salad Seeds can be found by breaking tall grass, in every biome (a 1% chance).
The Corn Plant can be found in plains biomes.

Some furnaces:

The sauce maker.

The Sauce Maker is used to make Sauces to put on your food.


1. Place your ingredient (caramel, strawberry, blueberry,...) in the first input.
2. Place a bowl in the second input.
3. Place fuel in the third input.

The Ice Cream Maker.

The Ice Cream Maker is used to make Ice Creams Balls.


1. Place your ingredient (caramel, strawberry, blueberry,...) in the first input.
2. Now place sugar in the second input.
3. Store "Ice Shards" in the third input of this block. Now you should see the ice storing in the ice cream maker.

The Cooking Furnace.

The Cooking Furnace cooks the food faster than a normal one, but It will not work for ores etc...


1. Place your ingredient in the first input.
2. Now Place your butter in the second input.

3. Now use fuel to make the furnace work

* [Optional] put bread crumbs in the breadcrumb-slot to make fried foods (fried apple slice, fried fish, fried ice cream,...)

The Dehydrator.

The Dehydrator is used to dry food, (grapes -> raisins | blueberry -> dried blueberry etc...)
It does not need any fuel to dry, but you can make it dry faster by putting fuel in the fuel slot.

If the dehydrator is outside (In open air):

- Dries faster a sunny day.
- Dries slower on a rainy day. (If there is no glass on top)


1. Place your item you want to dry in the bottom inputs (1-4).
2. Wait until it's done.

* The dehydrator dries faster with a flamable fuel source


Killing squids will give you raw squid.


For 1.7.10:

Killing sheeps will give you raw mutton.

This item is removed in the mod for higher version than 1.7.10, because vanilla minecraft brought this into the game.

To get full information about the masterchef mod (and crafting recipes), go to
You can also install the Not Enough Items mod for a list of recipes.

Please keep in mind that our wiki is under construction, and some things will be missing.

If you've found a bug, please report it at:
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You can visit our forum at:
You can report bugs at the forum so that we can fix them.
We will also discuss the updates at the forum (What content should be added,...).
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