Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Minetronic Network?

We are an Enlish and Dutch minecraft server

• Want to know more about minecraft? Visit

How do I claim land in survival?

• You get 100 claimblocks added every hour.
• Your claim needs to be 10x10 minimal.
• You need a wooden shovel instead of a golden shovel.


Survival Stuff.

In this server-gamemode you can not kill each other, grief & steal from each other.

Factions Stuff.

You may/can kill & steal stuff from each other. If you do not like to kill or grief, go to survival.


Do not ask do become a moderator.
The only way to become a moderator is with sollicitations.

We will open a sollicitation when we need new moderators, otherwise, it is not possible

Why isn't a game rank free?

We need money to run our server,
If you donate you will support us to keep running this server, and even to imrove this servers quality.

Friends Politics.

No, we do not participate Friends Politics, this is sad.

Are there things lost when we updated our server?

You do not lose things like buildings, ranks etc ..
When minecraft does an update that contains world-generation, we will need to reset the world.
But you will get enough time to transfer all your stuff from the old world, to the new world.

• There's chance that one of our plugins do not work anymore and we have to update.


You can donate at, but you can only pay with paypal.

The Minetronic Team
Kander18 Lead Developer
Silverwall Programmer (Soon!)
DeCrom Creative Designer
Reghon28 Graphic Designer
Poincare Technical Assistance
With thanks to for hosting and supporting our project.
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